About the Palermo residential complex

While developing the concept of the house, its content and appearance, we have created a place where residents can comfortably combine business and leisure. We took into account modern trends in architecture and technology. Our goal is to provide a high level of construction and develop the area, to create a new beautiful structure that will fit into the environment and will be a new stage in the development of the appearance of streets and their life.
The complex is located in a picturesque corner of the central part of the Dnipro city, next to the most important business facilities of the city. Within walking distance are grocery markets, shops with household goods, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, secondary schools, educational complexes. Excellent transport interchange allows you to quickly and easily get to anywhere in the city of Dnipro. The project of the complex provides everything you need for a comfortable stay: a calm atmosphere, a landscaped area with a playground, a beautiful house, halls, street improvement near the house

The complex has one-room apartments from 39 m2, two-room apartments from 49 m2 and three-room apartments from 67 m2. The design features of the housing allow for individual planning.
Complete set of apartments:
1. The height of the ceilings from the level of the finished floor of the apartments to the floor slab is 2.7 m
2. Interroom partitions - aerated concrete.
3. Noise insulation of floors in apartments.
4. Fine screed.
5. Exhaust channels.
6. Free layout.
7. Apartment entrance doors - metal fireproof.
8. Places for outdoor units of air conditioners.
9. Heating of apartments - autonomous heat supply, double-circuit gas boiler.
10. Gas and water meters are installed for each apartment. electricity, in a designated area on the floor.
11. Heating system wiring, radiators installed.
12. The apartment is supplied with water, electricity, gas.
13. Organized condensate drainage of the air conditioner.
14. Energy saving windows with double glazing and five-chamber profile. Balcony glazing - aluminum profile.
15. Insulation of apartments from the side of the facade - mineral wool.
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