"They must see a real house being built": GREENWOOD conducts excursions for students

Recently, Greenwood employees conducted an excursion to the Park Residence construction site for students of the Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (PSASIA). This is the first event of this format that will become traditional for the company!

The excursion was attended by students of the II-IV courses. A whole team acted as guides from the company, which included the chief architect of the project Andrey Grimanov, the leading architect Pavel Abramov, the technical director of the project Sergey Baglai and the brand manager of the project Olga Nebrat.

As expected, before the start of the excursion, students listened to a safety briefing at the construction site. The route ran along both sections of the building, the terrace, and then descended 6 m underground into the parking lot.
"Guides" admit that this event was unexpected and responsible for them. "Because when your future colleagues or competitors are eagerly listening to you and bombarded with a bunch of questions, you simply have to show the youth the highest class!" - comments Olga Nebrat.

The tour lasted 2 hours. But for the "host" and for the guests, the time flew by unnoticed. The students turned out to be inquisitive, energetic, able to discuss and ask difficult questions. They were interested in everything - from materials to concept.

Anna, 2nd year student of PSASIA:

- So interesting: Park Residence looks so big, but there are only 46 apartments! I liked that the apartments are spacious, high ceilings add air. Well, the terrace is super!

Alexey, a fourth-year student at PSASIA:

- I was impressed by technologies, approaches. Everything is clear and of high quality. The architecture itself is from the category of those that are always remembered. Definitely - the time was spent with benefit.
“Our current students lack communication with practitioners. After looking at the guys who came on the excursion, it became clear: they do not want to build sand castles, they want to build real houses. We are absolutely open and ready to share our experience. Who knows - perhaps there are future “authors” of new Greenwood projects among them, ”says Vitaly Mazhara, CEO of the company.
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