Oasis in the house: with whom it is good to relax, think and lose weight

The subtle, exquisite aroma of plants can radically change the atmosphere in our home. They affect our well-being, emotions and health. But when choosing fragrant plants, one should take into account how the smell will manifest itself in individual rooms, whether it will be appropriate in specific rooms.

For example, only the most delicate, refined, subtle and delicate scents are suitable for the bedroom. Plants, the intensity of the smell of which increases at night, will not be appropriate here.

Sweet, fruity-rich, cheerful citrus aromas are good for a children's playroom or study. All the aromas associated with pastries are for the kitchen. CITRUS are versatile flavors, especially the flowering mandarin. But not only! The aroma of almost all citrus fruits has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure. It is one of the most powerful phytoncides that promote healthy air.

Blooming ROSES. Their smell relieves tension and fatigue, eliminates nervousness and ... reduces appetite, and also acts as a mild aphrodisiac. This scent will not be superfluous even in the bedroom. It provides a light and relaxed atmosphere and purifies the air.

AMAZON LILY (eucharis). Be careful here: its aroma is exquisite, but tropical sweetness can interfere in the evening and at night, when aromatic substances are released. It is difficult to fall asleep next to her. But if you need to get rid of an unpleasant odor in the kitchen or in other rooms, no one can do the best.

MURAYA. Its smell is one of the best anti-stress. It is a plant with unique tonic properties, which helps to improve memory, perfectly tune in to the working mood. Even a few minutes in her company will allow you to forget about stress and fatigue. But the best place for her is the living room.

RODODENDRONS. Their aroma is combined with unique bactericidal properties, "intolerant" to staphylococci and streptococci. Despite the fact that this plant is ranked among poisonous crops due to the content of andromethoxins in flowers, it is one of the best candidates for replenishing any fragrant collection.

OLEANDER. Its aroma allows you to cope with neuroses, insomnia, has a sedative effect. But you should not overdo it with the "aromatherapy" of oleander, it is fraught with dizziness and headaches.

MIRT releases essential oils with powerful antibacterial and soothing properties. Like oleander, myrtle has one of the best sedative scents. But unlike a more aggressive colleague, he acts gently and will suit almost everyone.

A COFFEE TREE. The scent of its flowers drives away drowsiness and fatigue, activates memory and thinking. This is one of the best morning scents. In the bedroom or living room, coffee is not very appropriate, but in the kitchen or near the desktop, a small bush can work wonders no worse than a cup of your favorite drink!
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